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11 simple reasons why your hospitality business needs a blog

Do you even have time to write a blog? 

Probably not.

But maybe you can find the time because hospitality businesses that regularly blog generate more traffic to their site than those that don’t.


Posting regularly indicates that your business is alive and kicking.

chefs working in the kitchen

And not only that…

It proves you’re passionate about what you do.

That you know your stuff.

And that you get things done.

These are qualities that yell and wave We Can Help You! to potential customers.

Yet blogs can be slow-burners and that’s why people often start them and then… let them smoke out.

The truth is, you need to commit and invest in a blog to benefit from any kind of return. A solitary post thrown up every few weeks that fizzles out after a few months isn’t going to crack it.

Posts need to be regular and ongoing. 1-2 per week. Every week.

Yes, a blog is going to take some time and planning but not every post has to be long and chock-full of scholarly research. You can mix up longer, more in-depth pieces with shorter, listicle formats that are quicker to put together and read. 


Here’s 11 reasons why you should start that blog or revive one that died a death last year…

#1 Build brand awareness. This is crucial not only when you’re starting out but also for established businesses to maintain relevance and authority.

#2 Educate your prospects. People love to learn and blogs are an opportunity to answer questions your readers may be wondering about or get super geeky over a new gadget you can’t stop using.

#3 Strengthen your authority as the go-to expert in your industry. Writing long-form blog posts packed with research, quotes, data and links will set you apart from your competitors.

#4 Optimise your SEO. Adding fresh blog posts to your site regularly is one of the cheapest and most effective ways of being indexed higher and faster on search engines, increasing your chances of people finding your site.  

#5 Widen your target audience. Regular blogging drives more traffic to your site through keyword searches linked to your posts, rather than searches for your business. By blogging you’re casting the engagement net wider and increasing the likelihood of converting browsers into customers.

#6 You’re creating original content to share on social media. This invites opportunities to connect with potential customers and to grow your brand organically and consistently.

#7 Sharing your passion is a great way to connect with like-minded people. Blogs are an opportunity to write in a looser, more conversational way which makes you sound approachable and human – and humans like to do business with other humans.

#8 Blogs are the perfect platform to showcase all types of media. From droolsome food pics to presentations, infographics, illustrations, GIFs, embedded clips, videos… Use them in your posts and they’ll grab readers’ attention.

#9 Blog to shout about the brilliant people you’re working with. Whether you’re introducing a new employee, bigging-up a supplier or dedicating a post to a more in-depth case study or Q&A, people love a story and to hear how others are making a difference.

#10 Including a comments feature on your blog encourages customer feedback. And input from your customers and leads is as valuable as a 3,106-carat ring, helping you tweak your offering and ultimately increase engagement and sales.

#11 A blog can become epic! Keep the posts coming and over time you may well look back and decide to repurpose what you published into a How-to guide or an e-book. You’re creating something that has value and will strengthen your brand’s reputation – and, in turn, increase revenue.

Want more proof that blogs work? Check out these stats from Impact, including my personal favourite:

71% of bloggers who maintain blogs for a business report that they have increased their visibility within their industries through their blogs.”

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