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13 things you need to know about email marketing if you want to keep your subscribers engaged

13 things you need to know about email marketing if you want to keep your subscribers engaged

Not all emails are created equal. Here’s how to up your game when designing, writing and sending emails for maximum engagement with your audience

1  With email marketing, most people decide whether or not to open an email based on the name in the From field – so make it a familiar one. You can split-test this easily with A/B testing. If you’ve never tested before you might be surprised by the results. Not only that, you’ll already be ahead of the game as 38% of marketers don’t do email testing, despite being aware of the benefits.

2  As tempting as it is, don’t hit your readers with The Big Sell the second they open the email. Imagine you’re delivering your message by phone – make your email sound like a conversation. You can still get neatly to the point, just not in the first breath.

3  Design your emails so they’re easy on the eye – a mix of text and images arranged in an inverted pyramid acts like a funnel guiding your readers to the tip at the bottom: your Call To Action button.

4  Segmentation. It may sound obvious but say different things to different people. You already do this with your friends, family and colleagues without even realising. Content for subscribers who have previously bought from you needs to be different from what you’re saying to people who are poised to buy but haven’t yet taken action.

5  Get personal. Including customers’ first names in your email greetings and making specific recommendations based on what they bought from you last time can increase transactional rates by up to X6.

email personalisation segmentation

6  Design and automate your customers’ journey from the moment they sign up. Automated emails that are triggered by an action a subscriber makes are a basic function in most email marketing services and are responsible for 30% of revenue.

7  You’re probably going to hate this one but I’m going to say it anyway: Monthly Newsletters Are Dead (and I’m not the only one who thinks this). As in, rounding up a bunch of stuff to say about your business each month and sending it out, round robin style. This doesn’t mean don’t share your news – absolutely do but make it relevant and beneficial to your subscribers. Tell it as a story that they can relate to.

8  Speaking of stories, share your success stories. Shout about your latest stats and your achievements to demonstrate your expertise and build trust. Sound too boastful? Not if you make it relevant to your audience in a way they can see themselves being part of one day.

9  Use your email marketing to offer free advice – a Q&A, an FAQ, a live demo. If you want to convince people that buying from you will help them, first prove that you can help them. 

10  Check and compare your emails across desktop and mobile platforms. 46% of emails are opened on mobiles so use templates that are optimised for hand-held devices. If your emails are disappearing off screen or are hard to read, chances are they’ll be ignored and most likely unsubscribed – if not this time, probably the next.

mobile email marketing

11  Test opening your email on the top 10 most popular email clients providers. You’ll be surprised by the variation across each and will want to tweak your layout before sending the real thing.

12  The open rate of transactional emails – receipts, order confirmations, delivery details – is X8 higher than traditional marketing emails and leads to X6 higher conversions. These represent a huge opportunity to engage with your audience, so seize it. Write these well and consider every word you use.

13  And finally, don’t worry about unsubscribes – they happen to the best of us. Consider it as a clean-up process that’s being done automatically for you and allowing you to focus on an audience that’s already engaged and more likely to buy.

If you need help with your email marketing or would like to chat about how you could be doing it better, get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!