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5 easy fixes you can make to your About Us page

Wondering if your About Us page is doing your business any favours? Read this quick check-list for any warning signs that it needs a makeover:

1 You originally knocked it up quickly as you were flinging open the doors to your first site and you’ve now got 3, 7, 16… Chances are things are a bit different to how they were on Day #1. It’s definitely time for an update.

2  You don’t say who you are. Some About Us pages are as generic as Jacuzzis. They’re formulaic, formal and flat. Whatever your tone of voice and however authoritative you want to sound, signing off with your name (or names, if you’re in a partnership) will give your business more cred, build trust and help your audience engage with you. Be human because, hey, you are and so is your reader.

3 Your photos suck. Harsh, yes (sorry-not-sorry) but many do. The photos you throw up on your About Us page are an awesome opportunity demonstrate your unique personality and the personality of your business. Your photos should offer a glimpse into the heart of your business with you (and your team) waving out at the world and welcoming it in. People like to know that, behind the words on the screen and the vapours of the etherweb, there’s some real people in there, so choose photos that show you getting stuck into what you love doing – whether that’s roasting coffee or hanging out with your team on the beach.

Team About Us

4 It sounds like the covering letter of a job application. Cut the jargon and tell it as it is – warts ‘n all if that helps explain what brought you to where you are. Let the creative juices flow and steer away from the stilted and the chronological. Write as if you’re talking. Read it back, out loud. If anything sounds clunky, rewrite it and read it again. Then give it to a friend to read and be prepared to work in some feedback.

5 It’s all “I I I” or “WE WE WE”. Yep, it’s about you or your business but flipping sentences around to start with the words YOU and YOUR can be dazzlingly effective in keeping people reading. It’s all about telling your story in a way that involves and engages the reader. How will your business benefit them and which of their problems can your business solve? You’ll know the answers to these – say them out loud and work them in.

Need help with your About Us page? Let me know – I can write it for you.

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