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5 ways to get comfortable with simplicity

Dreading digging out that task you’ve been avoiding since last Monday?

Well, guess what?

Monday’s back and today is the day you’re going to pull that task apart and build it into something new and shiny!

If the thought of tackling it is as appealing as a week-old croissant, it’s time to stop and ask yourself: “Am I making it more complicated than necessary?”

Our brains look for ways to make things trickier and more demanding. And as this can apply to the way we approach tasks, sometimes a shift in perspective can work wonders.

“Complexity is the Enemy of Execution.” (Tony Robbins – see below)

So how do you simplify a task? How do you make the route from A to B more direct?

By tweaking even one part of it, you can start to stride. And strides – well, they start to add up. Re-designing a route can make the difference not only to the time it takes to get there but the quality of the outcome. It means you can produce something better and save time – and therefore money. And it’s a process that you can use again and again.

Re-designing can be a win-win.

So today, grab whatever it is you need to get done by the crust and consider how you’re going to take it from A to B. How you’re going to slice it up and toast it.

But first, settle in somewhere comfy, somewhere where you can work with everything you need within reach. Eliminate distractions – remove gadgets, close down screens you’re not using, turn away from a seductive view. Then choose one task to focus on.

Just one.

Even if there are sooo many to choose from, just choose one. You can come back soon and repeat this process with the others.

Then follow these 5 steps:

#1 Write your task down, describing it in a way that your 10 year-old self would understand.

#2 Now break the task down into smaller chunks – the steps that will take it from Start to Finish.

#3 Look at your list now and remove any steps that are not essential.

#4 Identify any steps that you’re going to need more help with. Maybe you’ll need some new software or to call in an expert. 

#5 Set a timer and start working through each step in focussed bursts of energy, taking short breaks in between.


What tasks do you need help with? Let me know!

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