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6 thoughts on talking (vs waiting for perfect)

Let’s talk about talking.

First up, I could have called this post the 600 wins of talking but wanted to get it out quickish sharp (see, talk + action = results).

Whether you’re about to launch a new range of coffees, open your fifth store or announce a new sandwich, chances are you’re going to want to get the word out.

You’re going to want to talk about it.

Somewhere. Somehow. Someday.

If not now, then very soon.

Some thoughts on that:

#1 The words you choose are more important than the medium used to convey them. Blog, email, flyer, video – less important than the act of creating and getting the message out there.

#2 Don’t wait for the perfect day to start talking about whatever it is you need to talk about. The perfect day isn’t coming – today is all you’re ever gonna have. It’s a good day for it.

#3 If you find it to hard to start finding the words to talk about it, don’t worry. Get it all down on paper (by paper, I mean on actual paper, with a sharp pencil, preferably). Scribble down every misspelt word and jumbled half-formed thought. It might sound like utter garbage – don’t worry. You don’t have to use even half of it. Next have a coffee while everything mingles on the page. See what starts to jump out and what’s not right and can go. Repeat this process as many times as you need to.

#4 Start mixing those words into phrases that begin to capture the essence of what you’re trying to say. Again, don’t worry if this takes time. Have another coffee.

#5 Ask someone whose opinion you trust what they think. Consider including their feedback, by adding or eliminating. If you don’t feel it’s right, don’t worry, you don’t have to use it.

#6 It’s likely that you’ll never feel your message is perfect. And it won’t be – but don’t worry about that either. Imperfect action will deliver greater results than action on standby that’s waiting for another day to be perfect.

Talk + Action = Results

If you need help creating messages or a sounding board for untangling mingled thoughts, knocking some sense into them and getting them out there, get in touch, I can help.