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8 Things I learnt from reading The 5 Second Rule

I just finished reading the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins.

The idea is simple: the moment you get the urge to do something, you must move within five seconds by counting down to zero or your brain will kick in, over-analyse and stop you.

It works.

Here’s my top takeaways, hastily written and in no particularly order, using a 5432-Write! at 06:10 this morning.

(Would I rather have hit the snooze and stayed in bed? Yep. Am I glad I got up instead and wrote this? Hell yeah!)

#1 Get up and MOVE. Hit the snooze button and you’ll feel groggy for the rest of the morning  because you’re messing with your sleep cycles and confusing your brain.

#2 “The truth is the shortest distance between two people”. Love this quote. So simple.

#3 Just get the stupid job done – you’ll never feel like doing it, just dive in and get on with it.

#4 Have an idea for something? Don’t wait for someone else to validate it – make it real by doing it.

#5 “Take 30 before 7.30” For most of us, the golden hour/hours are the first 3 hours after we wake. We’re at our peak creatively so use them wisely. Do not let the emails creep in. Do not fall into social media rabbit holes. 

#6 Nerves – they’re just excitement in disguise. If you can tell your brain this before an interview/important meeting/event, you’ll help calm any anxiety you’re feeling.

#7 Don’t prepare – BEGIN. It’s the only way, even if it feels uncomfortable. It’s ok if you don’t feel ready. 

#8 And guess what? Procrastination isn’t always bad. Sometimes your brain needs time to digest and process an idea on a creative level. But take action first by writing it down or sharing it with someone.

You can see more Mel’s work here

A big-up to Mike Shreeve of the No Pants Project for recommending this book. 

Main photo by Nik MacMillan
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