Hi, I’m Jennie Milsom

Do you care about every cup you serve, every sale you make and every interaction you have with your customers? I founded Copy Service Please to help people in the hospitality, tea and coffee industry grow their business by communicating in a more profitable way with their customers.

When I opened a cafe business in 2011, on the back of a caffeine-crazy two years in Auckland, the UK’s speciality coffee industry was blossoming. Today it’s booming. But it’s hard work and it can be tough. Tough to keep moving forward without compromising on quality. Tough to juice more to the bottom line and to pull back from the drama that isn’t serving your business. Tough to keep in touch with customers who can’t make it in every day. Some days you can feel pulled in more directions than a squid at a disco.

Over the years I’ve talked to hundreds of people in hospitality and written about hospitality businesses in books and magazines. I can help you shout about your story, product and service in a way that makes people take notice and want to buy from you. If your plate is piled with to-do lists, let me take words off your plate and make them work for you.

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