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Are you shouting deep and wide enough?

Are you shouting deep and wide enough?

I had no idea this fantastic place existed until someone let me in on the secret at the weekend.

An unassuming corner site on a quiet residential backstreet with loads of natural light (higher-than-a-Victorian-terrace floor to ceiling windows), a happy buzz of singles and couples, upbeat soundtrack, WiFi, house-made food, friendly table service…

Did I mention their Climpson’s coffee is pretty awesome too?

Why am I telling you this? Because I don’t want you to presume everyone knows you exist. Even the locals.

Especially the locals because they’re gold.

We’ll all go about our daily habits unless we’re disrupted or actively seek something different.

Am I the only local who’d never heard of Red Lion? Unlikely.

If you need more customers, more sales, more buzz or to squeeze more to the bottom line, dig a little deeper, stretch an inch wider and wriggle into the tightest, sometimes least likely corner of your potential reach, whether through physical or digital means.

There’s always room for one more. It could even be your turning point.

Need help reaching new customers? Let me know. I can help.