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Floral tea

Coffee is so overrated

Or so I’m trying to convince myself. Because I’ve run out.

Yes, I could go and buy beans or splurge on a brew in my local (not out of the question).

But I’m waiting for my delivery and feeling like an anxious puppy sitting by the window desperate for his owner’s car to pull into the drive.

I’m not actually sitting by the window waiting – that would be weird.

This week’s coffee is coming from the brilliant roasters Hasbean. If you order before lunchtime, as I did yesterday, it will usually* arrive by first class the next day. Here, the post shows up anywhere between 8.12 and 3.36, depending on – well, who knows?

It’s 8.22 so I’m not even halfway through the shaky hell of waiting and not having. OK, so I don’t get the shakes – they’re for people who drink instant from party-size urns – only an underlying gravitational pull, like a gazillion coffee-bean magnets are drawing me towards the kettle.

So, for now, I’m drinking tea. I’ve already caned a couple of builders, so now I’m onto this – if it was on a menu it would be called a Naturally Caffeine-Free Infusion. Naturally. This one’s made from dried verbena and Damascus flowers that I hard-bartered for on a recent trip to Marrakech.

It’s good – fresh and floral. But it’s not coffee.

But then, what do I know? I was born in the ’70s.

Since at least last year, everyone’s been harping on about tea being the new coffee. Particularly the caffeine-free teas – the darlings of the fresh-faced, alcohol-swerving Millennials and Generation Zers. Tea is healthy and clean-living, like them.

(Don’t worry, this isn’t going to become a bullet-point-list of “Top Five Health Benefits of Tea” or “Top Five Teas for Health Benefits” and definitely not “Top Benefits of Five Healthy Teas Even If You’re Not a Millennial”)

Top Five tea trends for 2019

Instead I’m going to introduce you to a fun blogpost by Mintel, talking about the Top Five tea trends for 2019. Which are:

# Bold Flavours. Spices such as cinnamon, star anise, liquorice

# Veggie Revelations (isn’t tea always veggie? Yes but here they mean it’s made from fruit and veg. Onion and carrot tea with milk and two sugars? No..?)

# Relaxation – containing calming ingredients. Holy basil, ginseng and the likes

# Healthy Gut teas – containing probiotics, prebiotics and other magic stuffs which help digestion

You can read Mintel’s post here

Do you have anything like this on your menu? Maybe you should.

UPDATED: Finca Las Alasitas from Bolivia arrived 43.5 minutes after writing this

Hasbean coffee delivery package

*Once, in 2018, it took 5 days to arrive. I don’t like to talk about that time