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How to boost your brand with stories

Vegan restaurant

“Obviously they’re vegan so I don’t need to check about the marshmallows,” breezed a woman to her friend at vegan restaurant By Chloe in Covent Garden yesterday. They were behind me in the queue. She was completely confident about what she was about to order.

100% confident in the brand.

How confident are you that your customers totally get what you’re offering?

Do they vaguely understand your brand or do they buy into it at a deeper, know-it-inside-out level?

Would they rush back to their desk from their lunch break and interrupt a colleague to tell them about the fresh cheese they had in their sandwich, the organic milk in their coffee or the cake that had just been iced?

Would they beg to take their friends there for lunch the next day because they absolutely had to try it for themselves?


Here’s 5 tips to check you’re on track:

1. Nail the details – online, in store, in print. On menus, on displays (don’t forget the prices, too – more on pricing soon).

2. Check out how your competitors and chains are communicating their brand. What can you copy? Have a go. Experiment.

3. Be available, honest and up front with your customers. Welcome feedback. Own mistakes and fix them immediately.

4. Go the extra mile to be transparent. Share behind-the-scenes stories – sometimes videos or images say it better than words.

5. Shout about your key messages and what you stand for. Vegan, freshly-made, locally sourced, organic, healthy? Say it, shout it, celebrate it.