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How to get the Friday Feeling (even if you have to be up at dawn)

Hard, isn’t it, when everyone around you is buzzing about the last-day-of-the-week, bragging about 2 o’clock office beers and plans to slope off early so they can max out the incredible luxury of a two-day weekend.

If you work in hospitality, weekends are probably your busiest time of the week.

Forget the Saturday morning lie-in.

Forget lazing over leisurely weekend brunches in hip cafes.

Forget the Friday night Tequilas or watching Netflix until 3am.

Because you have to be up by 7am tomorrow. Maybe even earlier.

It’s enough to wipe the grin off a baby ape.

But today is Friday and it signals the end of the week for many people.

And you want to look cheerful about it.

You really do.

You want to spread the Friday love.

You want to jump up and down with the excitement of it all, even though, inside, you know… It is not Friday for you.

So how do you get the Friday Feeling, bask in its sun-drenched glory and fly through it like a winner?

Try these…

#1 Smile and laugh. Yep, even through the pain, sweat and grit of today, smiling is probably the easiest, cheapest, least effortful way to make you feel instantly better. As well as improving your mood and helping you breeze through stressful situations, smiling can lower blood pressure and has even been claimed to boost your immune system. Not only that, smiling is infectious and makes others feel happier, too.


#2 Be in the present. It’s easy to daydream about what you’d rather be doing but, according to a study of 2250 adults, researchers found that daydreaming had a negative impact on mood, claiming “mental drifting was a downer”, even during mundane tasks, such as cleaning. So focus on the present and the task at hand.

#3 Make time today to do at least one thing just for you. Go for a walk during a break, blast your favourite song or squeeze in a work-out or 10-minute meditation on your way home.

#4 Do something nice for someone else. Help out a colleague, go the extra mile for a customer or call that relative you’ve not had the chance to chat to all week. It’s the small things that count.

#5 Remember your Friday is on its way. Even if, technically, it’s Sunday or Monday… It’ll be yours to savour, luxuriating in the sweet knowledge that when it comes most other people will be at work.

Want some Friday feeling? Let me know!