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How to tantalise customers with menu fonts

How to tantalise customers with menu fonts (even if you’re not a typography expert)

If you’ve ever set up your own business, chances are you know a little about fonts.

Heck, if you use a computer or are reading this (just a hunch) you’ll have heard of fonts.

Fonts – or typeface, collectively known as typography – describe the many designs and styles of letters, symbols and numbers in print and on screen.

Why are they relevant to your business?

Fonts add personality to your brand and let your guests know what kind of place they’re in before they’ve even ordered any food.

Maybe before they’ve even come in and sat down.

Not only that, the fonts you choose to describe the food in your menu can influence what your guests will order. That’s because fonts can say more than the words and phrases they create. The way letters appear on a page sends subliminal messages to our brain, triggering our senses and emotions.

Some fonts are more appealing and food-friendly than others. Even if the actual words are the same, choosing one font over another can make one menu sound more appetising than another.

This is by no means an exhaustive review of fonts (it’s barely a surface-scratcher) but for starters consider:

#1 Your audience

Chances are you spent hours/days/months finding the perfect chair/table/lighting to attract your ideal customer to your business. The font you choose for your menu is equally as important. This can be as basic as considering the size of the font and how easily the words can be read by your target clientele. After all, if you want your guests to be able to order from your menu, it’s probably a good idea they’re not struggling to read it first.

#2 Complex vs Easy Fonts

Studies have shown that some customers subconsciously perceive more difficult, challenging fonts as an indication of the complexity of the dishes they are describing.  

Table setting

#3 Fonts can evoke specific sensory responses 

How does your font taste

According to font psychology blog How Typefaces Hack Our Brains (“How Does Your Font Taste” – image above courtesy of Company of Folders) different styles of fonts can illicit tastes.