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how to write a killer about page

How to write a killer About page that will make your readers want to work with you

Is your About page screaming “We, Us, I”? It’s time to flip the message round to your reader’s perspective

The About page is one of the most frequently read webpages yet its importance is often overlooked. 

After all, its purpose is to drive leads so it’s crucial that you make yours a compelling read. 

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Sure, it’s a tricky balance between talking about your brand without boring on about it (and venturing into technical waffle that no one really cares about). You need to come across as friendly and casual while simultaneously demonstrating you know your stuff and have a stack of authority and experience in the industry.

Nail it and you’ll have leads knocking down your door in no time.

There are as many tips out there for writing About pages as there are About pages… So where do you start?

Here’s my favourite tips and starting points I often recommend to clients…

1 Put yourself in your readers’ shoes. Lead with the benefits that you’re offering and the problems you’re solving, not product or service you are selling. People buy solutions, not products, so identify what your potential customers’ needs are and describe your offering in a way that sets out to solve their problems.

2 Tell a story about your business. People remember stories not bland jargon. A story will humanise your business and build trust with your readers. Plus, stories get passed on. Write as you’d speak, in your own voice, or in the voice of your brand.

3 Be specific. A quirky fact is memorable. Generalisations aren’t. Talk about about your product or service and who you serve in a way that people will remember. A light sprinkling of facts and stats will build authority and trust.  

4 Don’t say you’re passionate. We’re all passionate about something – it’s kind of a given. Instead, inject that passion into your tone of voice – talk about the lightbulb moment that inspired your business or share your core values and why it means so much to you and your business.

5 Be very clear about your USP and what makes you stand out from your competitors. Whether your uniqueness is found in your product, service or you, really drill down into this, define it and own it.

6 Think outside the box. You don’t have to stick to a few paragraphs and a photo or two – if it’s relevant to your brand, get creative with some fun graphics and go all out on the visuals. Using team photos? Go for one that demonstrates your brand’s personality and shows your work in action.

7 There’s no right of wrong way to write it but keep your tone and voice consistent. Whether that’s writing in the first person (my preference – writing in the third person can sound formal and CV-like) use the same style across all your whole site otherwise you’ll confuse your readers.

8 Have fun with your About page and get creative with its name. A simple “Us”, “Our Story”, “Our Mission”, “Who We Are”, “Meet The Team”… If you’re open to trying something different, choose one that reflects your brand, stands out and piques interest.

Need help with your About page? Let me know, I can help!