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Emailing made easy

Take the stress out of planning, writing and analysing your content

I can help you with short-term projects or design ongoing strategies for your marketing communications

Blog management

Designing a strategy and providing content for your blog that will engage and convert

from £1,290/pm

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Email marketing

Planning a content schedule, writing copy and campaign management via Mailchimp or your CRM

from £1,590/pm

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The Works

Looking after your email marketing, managing your blog and providing feedback and analysis

from £1,990/pm

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Helping you to…

Attract new prospects and engage with existing customers

Weekly emails that drip-feed tasty morsels to your customers and leads and make them want to visit you and buy from you.

Buzz around your customers heads so they jump out of bed and want to visit you

Share stories and opinions. Champion your own. Champion others (customers love that). Inspire your community.

Be found and sell more online

I can also sweep your website so every word works harder and converts. I can filter out the dregs, dial in on headlines or write fresh copy for your website using keywords and hooks.

Extend your reach with high-converting video

Video marketing pays off with great ROI and can get your website higher up on Google. I write new scripts for online videos, give you honest feedback on rough drafts and refresh old scripts to make them shine again.

Need help with your copy?

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